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Birthday parties might ordinarily run on good vibes and presents, but at Lil Wayne’s recent shindig to celebrate his 30th, not everyone there was in such great spirits. At least that’s the indication many left with after a skirmish allegedly broke out between the Game and another rapper.

According to TMZ, the Game was hanging out at the event with a few buddies when fellow rapper 211 joined the conversation and said a few less than flattering things. Those comments reportedly set off a back-and-forth verbal altercation between the two men that quickly spiraled out of control when the Game allegedly threw a punch.

The swing led to the rapper getting the heave ho from the party, but one would imagine, it did little to halt the feud between the Game and 211 that’s allegedly been brewing for quite awhile. It would be nice to think this incident might make the two step back and calm down, but more than likely, that’s just wishful thinking.

None of the men have spoken publically about what happened, and neither has the birthday boy himself, Lil Wayne. He probably wasn’t too pleased about these men trying to settle their problems in the middle of his special event, but there’s no going back now.

We’ll keep you updated if anything new comes from this. Until then, try to be in a good mood if you’re at a birthday party. Playing nice and getting cake is always superior to settling feuds and not getting cake.

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