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On Saturday, a plane missed the runway at the Russian Vnukovo airport, instead running through a perimeter fence at the airport and then crash landing on a main road. Though the flight was relatively small, carrying only eight crew members, four were killed in the crash, including the pilot, the co-pilot, the flight engineer, and a stewardess. The rest of the crew on the plane miraculously survived, but were taken to the hospital due to severe injuries.

There was some snow on Saturday morning, although currently there is no word on whether or not that played a roll in the crash. BBC News is reporting that currently an investigation is underway concerning the plane, a Tupolev-204 owned by a company called Red Wings. The plane, which was flying into the Moscow area airport from the Czech Republic without passengers, is also being investigated in case the accident occurred due to pilot error or bad weather, rather than a technical failure within the plane itself.

The plane crash itself is harrowing looking, with bits of metal and debris scattered across a slick-looking road and the giant bird itself broken into several large pieces. The Tupolev-204 can hold up to 200 passengers, and it's just lucky more souls were not on board when the plane reached its untimely. Our hearts go out to the Russian government as they try to determine the cause of the crash, and to the families of the crew involved in the tragic event. Our thoughts go out to the remaining crew members as they recover, as well.

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