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Former 80s heartthrob and Californication actor Rick Springfield was arrested this morning at his home in Los Angeles for blowing off a recent court date. Luckily for the singer, by the time officers drove him down to the station, his attorney was able to figure out exactly what happened and clean the mess up.

According to TMZ, Springfield failed to appear in court last month to show proof that he successfully completed an alcohol education program. The singer was sentenced to the punishment as part of a plea deal after he was caught driving his sweet 1963 Corvette Stingray under the influence. Apparently, the “Jessie’s Girl” singer actually did finish the class without issue, but he was under the impression that the records would automatically be updated.

Springfield’s attorney headed down to the station with the proof in his hand, and he was able to work with a judge to get his client’s record updated and the necessary fines paid. Consequently, Rick is now back in Malibu and free to go about being carefree and handsome without any fear of being arrested.

In the grand scheme of reasons to have a warrant out for your arrest, this one is about as minor as it gets. Unfortunately, even the slightest warrant involves an arrest, and Springfield had to learn that difficult and annoying punishment today. Hopefully, he’ll just call a cab from this point forward whenever he drinks and then he’ll never need to worry about being in handcuffs again.

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