Actor John Malkovich showed some heroics last week. The man was outside enjoying some downtime and a cigarette in Toronto on Thursday when he saw a man trip on the curb portion of the sidewalk. The man was in his seventies and it was a very bad fall, ending in the man falling on his neck. Malkovich hurried over to the area, applying pressure to the man’ s neck, where a wound had opened up.

The quick thinking really helped the Ohio man, who was soon whisked away to a Canadian medical center to be treated for the cut on his neck and the fall. According to CTV, the man was a bit worried about going to a hospital outside his native country but Malkovich had a few nice things to say to the man.
"Listen, they got a really good (health care) system up here."

Malkovich was in Toronto shooting the film The Giacomo Variations. He may have stepped up in the situation, but he's not the only actor or celebrity to have ever played the part of hero before. Stephen Baldwin once helped an epileptic woman to make sure that her breathing wasn’t constricted in a New York Bar, Thomas Haden Church once helped out a choking individual, and Prince William once saved a girl who was swept out to sea. Malkovich may have played plenty of villains in his life, but that doesn’t mean his real heart is so very cold.

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