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Who's the real horror lord? Edgar Allan Poe will tell you he is. At least, the Poe represented in the latest Epic Rap Battle video. The famed author and poet faced off against "Stephen King" in the new Epic Rap Battle, and I may be biased, but I think King came out on top. Or maybe the Raven did.

With lines like "Your books are as eerie as Beverly Cleary," "You're a faux Bram Stoker" and "The Tell-Tale Heart beats soft in its grave, while this jerk just beats off on a page," Poe was off to a good start in this week's ERB. But King came back by calling him a "gothed-out fop" who needs to go back to Hot Topic and shop for a top. He managed to work some of his own works into his rhymes, telling Poe he could "Tommyknock you down till you can't Stand up," and then working in a Kung Fu Panda zinger, with a reference to Po.

But I think it's when King brought up Poe "Perving on" his first cousin that he really won the battle.

I'm not sure Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King is my favorite pairing of the recent Epic Rap Battles. But they worked some good lines in there and then took it all home by having a raven quoth the final line.

ERB continues to deliver fine pop culture goodness to the interwebs. Previous ERBs have had Key and Peele guest starring as Gandhi vs. Martin Luther King Jr., and Snoop Dogg playing the role of Moses in his ERB against St. Nick. Another great ERB is Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who. And more recently, the series, which is in its third season on Youtube, had Breaking Bad's Walter White facing off against The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes, for an epic AMC rap battle for the ages.

Who won this one? I'm going with Stephen King. King says Poe:

Who's next?

If we're just picking authors, I'd like to see:

Michael Crichton vs. John Grisham
Tom Clancy vs. Dan Brown
Ann M. Martin vs. Francine Pascal
Anne Rice vs. V.C. Andrews
Christopher Pike vs. R.L. Stine
James Patterson vs. Dean Koontz
George R.R. Martin vs. J.R.R. Tolkien
Shel Silverstein vs. Dr. Seuss

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