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Typically, the Epic Rap Battles videos are more about the subjects facing off against one another than they are who's playing them. But rapper Snoop Dogg may have stolen the show in the webseries' latest installment as he portrayed Moses in a holiday-themed rap battle against jolly old St. Nick.

Previous Epic Rap Battles have included a political match featuring Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama or an epic battle of sci-fi doctors with Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who. The webseries is known for matching opponents (fictional or otherwise) and then having them (portrayed by actors) face off in a funny rap battle. The latest installment has gotten even more attention as it not only has a holiday theme, but happens to feature an actual professional rapper, and a well known one at that.

See how Snoop does when he takes the part of Moses and goes up against Santa Claus.

Santa getting his rap on is funny enough on its own, but then the Snoop version of Moses shows up and steals the show. Not only does he manage to Snoop-ify Moses, but he champions the biblical prophet with lines like, "So much drama in the Israe-L B.C., it's kinda hard talking directly to the G-O single-D…," which sounds suspiciously like a certain Gin and Juice line ("With so much drama in the L-B-C it's kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G.)

Funny stuff!

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