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The Foo Fighters are awesome. I could begin and end this article with this statement and a very small minority might dispute me on that. These guys are the last true big time rock stars of our generation. They sell out the largest venues, tour almost non stop, and put on a helluva show. So given their success, fame, and lack of time on tour, you would only expect them to hit up larger cities, but the guys have decided to deviate from that path thanks to crowdfunding. For the first time since 1998, the Foo Fighters will be returning to Richmond, Virginia.

It was truly an insane gamble for Andrew Goldin, who organized the crowdsourced concert proposal. 1500 people in good faith bought $50 concert tickets for a show that had no venue, date, or even band commitment! That’s an absolutely insane show of goodwill by the community, as I don’t know if I’d shell out ten bucks for an event I may or may not see, even if I was “promised” my money back. Stereogum linked the awesome video for the campaign, which you can see below…

So many things could have gone wrong in this process. Someone could’ve just stolen the money and never contacted the Foo Fighters. The money could have been raised but then FF, being the big shots that they are, could have said no and went about their business. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong and I’m sure that even after the money was gathered, there was still a lot of worry that the event may not happen. All that fear and anxiety was quickly subsided by a single tweet sent out by the Foo’s official Twitter…

Still no word about where, how, or when in 2014 the show will take place, but the band has a new album coming out this fall so it’s likely the tour will take place sometime around then. The album is scheduled to coincide with a documentary series frontman Dave Grohl is doing with HBO highlighting different artists and their recording studios, much similar to his hit documentary Sound City.

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