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Playboy model Dani Mathers got herself into hot water earlier this summer, when she Snap-chatted a photo of herself giggling at a nude woman in an L.A. Fitness gym locker room. Beyond the outrage over her choice to body-shame someone, and expose them so publicly, we were left to wonder if the actual victim of the situation would come forward, and press charges. Based on a new report, it seems that may happen.

According to report by TMZ, the LAPD was finally able to track down the woman featured in the background of Dani Mathers' Snapchat photo. The site reports that the victim is a 70-year-old woman, and she's apparently "more than willing to testify and cooperate in any way she can" if it means bringing the model to justice for what she did. Assuming this does become a legal matter for Mathers, TMZ says that the probable charge will be Dissemination of Private Images, which could land Mathers up to 6 months in jail. Whether or not the situation goes that far remains to be seen. It sounds like the case is still under review.

In case you missed it, back in July, Dani Mathers apparently thought it would be funny to Snapchat a photo of herself snickering as a visibly naked woman in the background cleaned up in the locker room. The photo that Mathers posted was not censored to conceal the woman's body. Media outlets did that part themselves when covering the story...

The post went viral, and understandably, the internet reacted strongly, as people were horrified and offended that she would not only body-shame someone, but also post a photo of the naked woman, for all of her Snapchat followers to see.

Mathers attempted to apologize numerous times, including this Tweet:

..And this video apology, where she claims the photo was meant to be part of a private conversation...

The 29-year-old Playboy model's been relatively silent on social media since the scandal. Meanwhile, those with their eyes on this situation have wondered whether or not the victim would come forward, and whether Mathers would face justice over her actions.

Beyond the usual volume of internet outrage when a public figure makes a bad social media choice, there's also the understandable concern among gym-goers everywhere, that the assumed privacy of the locker room might not be so private. We're in an age where everyone's carrying a camera in their pocket, and in a lot of cases, also the means to make a private moment public in a matter of seconds. Mathers may regret her choice to post that photo, but the situation also draws attention to what should seem like common sense: Don't take pictures of strangers in public bathrooms, and definitely don't post them on social media. Dani Mathers is already learning that lesson the hard way, but now that the victim has reportedly come forward, the situation may be getting even worse for her.

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