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The indomitable athletic spirit is alive and well in English cricket player Liam Thomas. Despite his prosthetic leg falling off in the middle of a game last week, Thomas persevered and continued to play his heart out on only one leg. Thomas was fielding for the English team when the batter hit the ball his way. While running to get it, Thomas fell and rolled on the ground, losing his prosthetic leg in the process. With only a split second of hesitation, Thomas continued after the ball on one leg and hurled it back infield before retrieving his prosthetic. Check out the video of the play below.

After the video of Liam Thomas making the one-legged play went viral, he told CNN about what was going through his head once he realized his prosthetic leg had fallen off.

It just happened, really. I was sprinting for the ball, put my hand out, hit the deck hard and the next thing I know I stood up and had no leg. I didn't know whether to grab the leg or get the ball in. I decided to go for the ball.

The incredible play has gone on to take over large portions of the Internet, making it perhaps the most talked about moment involving a prosthetic leg since Aviva Drescher's memorable Real Housewives of New York scene in 2014.

Let's just say that Liam Thomas' scene was a bit classier than that one...

The 22-year-old cricketer is on the England Physical Disabilities team. His one-legged play took place during his team's October 24 game against Pakistan's team in Dubai. He says that the harsh Dubai heat was likely to blame for the fact that the sockets in his prosthetic leg were loosened to the point of disconnecting.

After the game, Thomas revealed on his Twitter account that although he clearly gave his all, his team had lost by three wickets. He also wrote that the English team showed that they "fight till the end," which we can all certainly see is true from the video.

But despite the overall loss, Thomas gave people around the world the motivational video that a lot of us need to keep going and persevere through whatever's bogging us down --- even if it feels like we've only got one leg left to stand on.

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