Teen Accidentally Charged Over $700 Worth Of Makeup To Her Mom's Card

Unfortunately for one unlucky teenager, there isn't enough concealer in the world to cover up this massive credit card bill. The makeup-obsessed teen recently found herself in an ugly situation after she accidentally charged her mother's credit card for over seven hundred dollars worth of makeup. Though it was definitely not a fun situation for Alex at the time, her emotive reaction video has now launched her into viral stardom. Check it out below.

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The teenager, Alex DelloStritto, found herself in a pretty stressful state after accidentally checking out of Sephora's online store with a basket that was filled to the brim, and the several hundreds of dollars worth of goods were automatically charged to her mother's credit card. In a video, DelloStritto explained that she just clicked on the checkout button to see how much money was left on an old gift card, but it turned out that the gift card was empty and since her mother's credit card was already pre-programmed into the account, it was charged for her full wish list of items.

I just accidentally charged my mother's credit card $733. Every girl in the world who's a makeup hoarded has their Sephora basket filled with things they don't necessarily need; just palettes and stuff that they want. So yeah, I have a Sephora basket of things that I want --- $733 worth of things that I want. I, being the makeup fiend that I am, went to enter this old gift card to see how much was on it. There wasn't anything on the card and the order went through. Her card is the card that I use for my Sephora account, meaning that it's already set up and I don't need to enter any more information for the order to go through. So I texted my mother, and now we wait... either for my death or a really good makeup haul.

After noticing the charge, Alex tried to cancel the order with a Sephora customer service agent, but since she wasn't the cardholder, it appeared that she was attempting to back out of a fraud, DelloStritto told Buzzfeed News. Alex finally had to text her mother to cancel the order, but instead of getting the $733 refunded, mom-of-the-year instead let her daughter keep the whole makeup haul as an early Christmas present.

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So it was a happy ending all around! Mom doesn't have to worry about Christmas shopping, and the makeup-obsessed teen gets every bit of lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, and everything else that she's been wishing for. Hmmm, maybe my finger will slip a few times on my parents' Amazon Prime account...