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Dani Mathers

Playboy playmate Dani Mathers could be facing some serious ramifications for the invasive photo she took of an elderly woman at her gym earlier this year, and now the model is apologizing profusely in hopes of avoiding a conviction. The model is currently facing an invasion of privacy charge in court after uploading a naked photo of a woman using the shower in her gym locker room, without the woman's knowledge.

Dani Mathers is reportedly offering to fully apologize to the victim of her photograph, along with going to counseling and anti-bullying courses if the prosecutors drop their case to convict, according to TMZ. Apparently, Mathers is most worried about getting convicted because she's close to getting her real estate license, and she's afraid the California Bureau of Real Estate won't grant it to her with a conviction on her record. So the model is offering to do pretty much anything the prosecution asks in order to avoid the dark spot on her legal record, including going on a school tour to preach anti-bullying to students.

On the other end of things, the woman who found herself the unwitting subject of Dani Mathers' photo vowed that she would do whatever she could to help bring down the Playboy model who publicly shamed her at the beginning of this legal process. Given her passionate involvement in the case, it might be difficult for Mathers to get off with a simple "I'm sorry." Then again, Mathers does have superstar celebrity attorney Tom Mesereau defending her, and he successfully got stars like Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson off of criminal charges.

In case you missed the story earlier this year, this whole case revolves around a photo that Dani Mathers sent via her Snapchat in July. The shot shows Mathers laughing at a naked woman using the shower at a gym. Apparently, Mathers meant to send the picture to a friend, but accidentally shared it with all of her Snapchat followers instead. Once it went public, the photo was immediately criticized across social media for being in incredibly poor taste and for body-shaming, given that Mathers had written "If I can't unsee this then you can't either" next to the naked woman.

Since the incident went viral, Dani Mathers has issued a public apology, but that didn't save the playmate from getting banned from LA Fitness gyms, and from losing her job on a local radio show. Now, Mathers is hoping she doesn't also have to lose her future as a realtor following the court battle. Think before you snap next time.

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