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First Beyonce and now Nicki Minaj?? The rap superstar shared a pregnancy photo on Instagram over the weekend that has some of her fans thinking that she's with child, but most people are just interpreting the photo as a joke. So what's really going on here --- is Nicki Minaj actually pregnant?

The short answer is: almost definitely no. The photo appears to have been the Photoshopped creation of one of Nicki Minaj's fans that Minaj stumbled on and found entertaining. Minaj is well known for playfully interacting with her fans on social media, so it's not much of a stretch for her to upload some fan-made photos to her account. Her caption also fits with this theory, as she write's "y'all so childish" next to a laughing face emoji, followed by a keysmash to denote how entertained she is by the photo.

#ATBIMS. ???? y'all so childish Omgskibbidybopbopghjhddfnjj - I was gonna wait to share the news but...

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

The other way to know that the pregnancy photo is almost definitely faked is to just look at the other photos Nicki Minaj has posted since that upload. On Wednesday, three days after the pregnancy pic, Minaj posted the below photo of herself in a red spandex outfit that shows off her stomach. There's clearly no baby bump there at all. Minaj had also been posted a ton of photos of herself earlier this month from he set of her "Run Up" music video, and she's bump-free in all of those as well.


A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

The only argument that someone who believes the baby belly picture is real could use is that Nicki Minaj had taken all of her recent, bump-free Instagram photos months ago and is just uploading them now... and that is just plain ridiculous. Much more likely is that a Nicki Minaj fan got inspired by Beyonce's recent pregnancy reveal and wondered what Minaj would look like with a baby bump, so they opened Photoshop and got to work.

Nicki Minaj may not be pregnant right now, but that doesn't mean a little baby Minaj isn't somewhere in the near future. Although she recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend Meek Mill, In Touch pointed out the having a baby has always been a priority for Minaj. In various past interviews, Minaj has lamented the fact that her busy music and acting schedules have kept her from having a child, and that she would feel disappointed if she never had a baby.

Maybe this Photoshopped pregnancy pic is giving us a glimpse into the not-so-distant future? Only time will tell!

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