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Well, you don't see this happen everyday. In a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Miami Marlins, a bat went rogue, flying through the air toward the dugout and the stands. Fortunately, Mets shortstop Luis Guillorme was paying enough attention to swipe the wayward bat before it did any damage... on the fly... with his bare hand. Check out the amazing video below...

Look: it's fair to see professional athletes are tough. Maybe professional baseball players aren't quite up there with football players, hockey players or the people who run the Iditarod, but they're still certainly in way better shape and have endured more pain than the average person on the street. So, I don't expect them to be the type of people to run from danger, but I cannot underscore enough how mesmerizing and impressive this catch is. Once every few games, someone will let go of a bat, and the general response from everyone is to duck as fast as possible. A flying bat is something everyone is allowed to run from. At least normally. This dude didn't even flinch. He just stuck his hand up and snagged it like it like his buddy was throwing him a Twinkie.

As you can see in the above video, the bat in question belonged to Marlins player Adeiny Hechavarria. He swung back with some mean intentions, promptly missed and lost control of the bat itself. It's all a little frenetic in real time, but the replay shows how cool Luis Guillorme was about the whole thing. You have to love him casually throwing the bat back to Hechavarria too. It was like he was accomplishing a really routine task and couldn't even be bothered to react. It seems like something Han Solo would have done.

You know how everyone plays harder and more intensely in the playoffs than the regular season? Well, everyone plays a lot harder and more intensely in the regular season than Spring Training. The latest is like one long, real-life running of Major League. It's almost two months of working off a few extra pounds accrued in the winter, building muscle memory on routine tasks like taking ground balls and having a lot of fun with the guys you haven't seen in months, which is why this story, no doubt, will be discussed almost constantly for the next few weeks. Guillorme will brag about it. Everyone else will cheer him on. Then he'll keep bragging about it. Everyone else will get sick of hearing about it. Then they'll play some kind of epic practical joke on him for it, and by then, it'll be time to start the real season.

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