Remember the debate about whether or not pineapple legitimately was suitable as a pizza topping? The discussion split critics and even led some stars to comment. (For example, Justin Trudeau said it was okay, but Gordon Ramsey dissented.) Times were simpler back then, as the Internet now has moved on and invented a new controversial pizza topping: strawberries. By "controversial" I mean reviews have been mostly miserable from Internet critics on social media. Before we take a look at some of the hilarious responses, here is the initial tweet that got the world talking:

Mmm. Doesn't that look delicious? ... If you said no, you might be similar to many other Twitter users who said the idea of strawberries on pizza sounds foul. For example, the initial tweet earned visceral reactions like GIFs of people heaving. Plus, there were tons of tweets like "Delete this," "Disgusting" and "Stop," in addition to critiques from people such as these comedic critics, who tweeted:

Similarly, this commenter was ready to involve the pizza authorities because he was having no part of the notion that strawberries will ever work well with a cheese pizza:

In fact, even DiGiorno Pizza got in on the action. The frozen-pizza maker tweeted a sassy comment with a telling emoji:

The hilarious, hostile reactions social media users had over strawberries on pizza made me reflect on my stance toward other dubious styles. Personally, I do not mind pineapple on pizza. There are different styles I would toss out before Hawaiian. However, pizza with strawberries and cheese sounds awful. Maybe I now understand how haters of pineapple pizza feel. But it is worth noting there is a flaw in the notion all fruit is gross with cheese or even on pizza. Pears and cheese legitimately pair well, and they honestly work together on a gorgonzola pizza. Yeah, I said it. So sue me!

On the other hand, when it comes to strawberries, there is a time and a place. Pizza probably is not that place. If you need to put strawberries on your pizza, I hope it is a dessert pizza with chocolate on top. I have had that style and found it tasty, but I like chocolate and strawberries together, and again, some people do not. For example, Ed O'Neill's Jay Pritchett on Modern Family once told Sofia Vergara's Gloria Pritchett, "I like chocolate, and I like fruit, but not together." Yet, I think it usually is an all right combination.

Clearly, the grand joke behind all of the pizza madness--perhaps all food in general--is that it comes down to personal preference. So, what is yours? Do you think strawberries on pizza sounds tasty or terrible? Let us know in the comments section.

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