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Steve Harvey on Family Feud

Comedian Steve Harvey is facing new legal trouble. Vincent Dimmock, a man who claims he previously struck a deal with Harvey, says the 60-year-old host of Family Feud neglected to pay him a commission on funds raised for the Steve and Marjorie Foundation, among other groups. According to Dimmock, Harvey agreed to pay him 12.5% of anything he collected through fundraising; nevertheless, Dimmock has yet to see the money. He maintains Harvey agreed to the deal, but never intended to pay.

According to TMZ, Vincent Dimmock alleges he and Steve Harvey worked out the alleged deal in May. He maintains he introduced Harvey to an investor during the meeting. Furthermore, Dimmock shared damaging information about Harvey's supposed remarks during said meeting. First, Dimmock claimed Harvey spoke ill of women. Then, he alleged Harvey called Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey bad financial advisers. Finally, Dimmock stated Harvey insisted his controversial meeting with Donald Trump was Barack Obama's fault. Harvey's agent responded to questions about the lawsuit and said,

It sounds fake. Steve is the most loyal guy in the world. I've never been stiffed on a commission from Steve Harvey in 21 years.

This lawsuit adds to the growing list of controversies involving Steve Harvey. Several years ago, Harvey told the Tyra Banks on her talk show that women should look "bright and shiny" to get a man, and he said women should never date a man who does not believe in God. And in recent years, there have been a handful of odd moments. He infamously said the wrong name while announcing the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant a few years back. In the midst of crowning, he had to reveal the correct winner was Miss Philippines, not Miss Colombia.

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Additionally, Steve Harvey reportedly sent a memo to his staff and asked them not to "ambush" him in hallways, and a former employee of the Steve Harvey Show later circulated the memo on the Internet. Harvey responded bluntly, said "in hindsight" he should have "handled it a little bit differently," but refused to apologize outright. But in January 2017, Harvey apologized for the way he spoke about Asians. In a segment of his talk show, Harvey made jokes in poor taste about Asian men and Asian culture, and he later issued a public apology.

Also in January 2017, Harvey met with President-elect Donald Trump, which upset some people. Ratings of Harvey's talk show reportedly fell this year, so Harvey told The Hollywood Reporter he should not have met with Trump, upsetting his fans who support The President. Plus, he said Barack Obama's transition team had convinced him to take the meeting, which might mirror that aspect in Vincent Dimmock's lawsuit and accompanying statement.

We'll have to see how the lawsuit plays out. There are a few weeks left in 2017, so hopefully, Steve Harvey can make it without any more gaffes.