Teen Mom’s Kiefer Delp Arrested For Running Meth Lab

Kiefer reuniting with Janelle

While MTV has had varying levels of success with its scripted television, it's always done very well with its reality content. In particular, the Teen Mom franchise has been an important part of its programming, as the original series and its spinoffs usually follows a group of immature teen parents who can't seem to get it together. These kids often et themselves into a fair amount of legal trouble, including Jenelle Evans' ex-boyfriend Kiefer Delp. Delp has had some troubles with the law during his time in the public eye, and he's just been arrested again. This time for reportedly running a meth lab.

This shocking report comes to us from TMZ, who had obtained the arrest records and mugshot for Kiefer Delp's most recent arrest. He was reportedly running a meth lab nearby Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The police were called to the apartment building on Wednesday, where the discovery of the meth lab (and Delp's apparent involvement) occurred. The strong smells emanating from the lab reportedly resulted in the entire building being evacuated.

Kiefer Delp has already had a fair amount of legal troubles before. While still filming his role in Teen Mom, Delp was arrested for assault. In 2011, he was taken into custody in North Carolina after punching a girl and her male friend in front of a convenience store. The female victim was one of Jenelle's friends, further showing how much drama the young couple had going on when they were together.

In fact, Kiefer Delp's identity as a drug user actually resulted in Jennelle Evans's arrest around the same time. She broke her parole by associating with a known drug dealer, which was a charge filed against her-- along with her testing positive for controlled substances. The young couple was also previously arrested for breaking and entering.

Luckily for Jenelle Evans, she seems to have distanced herself with Kiefer Delp throughout the years. She was engaged to boyfriend David Eason in February of 2017. They two have their own child together, named Ensley. She recently shared a photo of she and the little nugget on Instagram, celebrating the New Year. Check it out.

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How cute is that?

With her cosmetic line and fitness journey, Jenelle Evans seems to be really growing up from the immature young girl we met on Teen Mom 2. This is surely a relief to her many fans, although it turns out that her ex-boyfriend Kiefer Delp isn't faring quite as well. Let's hope this latest arrest is his last, and he can get back on the straight and narrow.

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