Chevy Chase Was Attacked In Road Rage Confrontation

Chevy Chase in Community

Road rage can happen to everyone; we've all gotten a little heated behind the wheel before. Celebrities aren't immune that impulse either. But when Chevy Chase found himself in a huff following a recent car dispute, the Saturday Night Live veteran reports that he ended up the worse for wear.

As reported by TMZ from the police report, Chevy Chase found himself driving after a black pickup truck that he claims cut him off. The altercation is supposedly a little more than just a jerk move, as Chase maintains he thought the truck might've bumped his vehicle. When the Caddyshack actor chased after the speeding car, signaling them in order to get their attention to pull over and discuss the person's "reckless driving". But when he came face to face with the driver, Chase found himself lying on the ground, after being kicked in his shoulder. The incident occurred on February 9th.

The police documents go further into the details, with Chevy Chase claming there were three people inside the truck, and one of them flipped him off. As the Vacation star drove in pursuit, he realized there was no damage to either vehicle, but he still felt compelled to talk to them at that moment. It also sounds like Chase might've instigated the physical confrontation, saying something along the lines of if he were younger, he'd "bust their nose."

The attacker didn't take kindly to such remarks, and that's when the supposed kick landed Chase onto the ground. To add insult to injury, Chase might not be without blame. According to the pickup truck, Chase was the one who allegedly threw the first punch, with the kick in question thrown in an attempt to block his fist.

It's not totally clear what went down, but Chevy Chase claims he was injured. And the former Community star reportedly charged the 22 year old perpetrator with second-degree harassment with physical contact. It's unclear if the driver and passengers even knew they were messing with one of the most prolific comedic actors of the past four generations. Although when fists are being drawn, it's safe to say that it hardly makes a difference.

When Chevy Chase isn't getting involved in some messy road disputes, the 74-year-old actor is lining up a few upcoming projects. He is currently filming a role in the comedy The Last Laugh. He is also slated to appear in two other comedies in the works. The first is The Ogilvy Fortune and the second being Federal Offense. What strange timing for that last one. Additionally, the Fletch actor was recently seen in last year's The Last Movie Star, a drama that also featured Burt Reynolds. Meanwhile, Joel McHale, his Community co-star, also recently played the actor in Netflix's comedic biopic A Futile and Stupid Gesture, which hit the site last month.

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