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Stephen Belafonte has plenty of unkind things to say about his ex-wife, Mel B., better known as Scary Spice, and he's not afraid to say them. According to the ex-husband, Mel B.'s domestic violence claims against him are untrue, and the film producer goes one step further to proclaim that they're from a woman with severe drug and alcohol dependency problems. Buckle up, folks. Belafonte is not holding back.

TMZ reports Stephen Belafonte is not only denying the domestic violence claims brought against him, but he's also saying Mel B. is an alcoholic and drug addict who "has walked into doors and has been hospitalized for ODs." He also claims the singer and TV personality is covering up bruises and other injuries that she's sustained while under the influence, claiming it was domestic violence. Belafonte believes Mel B. created these "lies" on his character in an attempt to turn his stepdaughter, Angel, away from him.

Stephen Belafonte also alleges that Mel B. will be so drunk that she walking into walls in the middle of the day. He also claimed Mel B. gets intoxicated to the point where she pulls down her pants in front of her kids, and has even urinated on the couch. And if that weren't enough, he reports he sent his ex's therapist text messages pleading the professional to stop giving her medicine, worrying that she could will be another Hollywood horror story.

Stephen Belafonte presented these claims in his recently-filed legal documents, which he produced to receive visitation rights with Angel. In particular, Belafonte references an incident that occurred in 2014, where Mel B. claimed her husband struck her head into a door. According to Belafonte, she OD'd on drugs and was hospitalized, and she sustained bruises from IVs and the EKG machine during her hospital stay. Belafonte says he was falsely accused of attacking Mel B at that time. He also denies forcing Mel B. into a three-way and forcing the kids to watch ISIS beheadings, as Mel B. also reported in her initial claims. For the latter, Belafonte says that he hasn't even searched for such videos and that this claim is a "blatant lie" on her part.

This situation is going to get uglier before it gets any better, and it's hard to know who's right and who's wrong here. Stephen Belafonte shares six-year-old Madison Belafonte with Mel B., and the musician also has two other children, 19-year-old Pheonix Gulzar and the aforementioned 10-year-old Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Mel B. mothered these two kids with Jimmy Gulzar, her previous husband before Belafonte, and Eddie Murphy.

Outside of these woes, Mel B. also recently teased a potential Spice Girls reunion during a recent appearance on The Real. The singer revealed she is invited to the upcoming Royal Wedding, along with the rest of the Spice Girls, and that they might perform their first concert in ages at the reception.

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