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Meek Mill "Monster" Music Video

Meek Mill's legal problems persist. The rapper has been met with a slew of legal headaches of late, notably with Mill requesting a new judge after he felt he was given a fair shake during his first court run with Judge Genece Brinkley. Judge Genece Brinkley has denied a new trial for Meek Mill, and the musician's legal team recently filed some new legal documents asking Pennsylvania's highest court to remove Brinkley from the case. Evidently, the Supreme Court is now getting involved in the disputes between the rapper and the judge. Here's what we know about Meek Mill's recent legal trouble.

Meek Mill's attempt to have the PA Supreme Court hear his case comes only three days after Judge Genece Brinkley ruled that Mill's failed to meet their burden of proof needed for this trial. As it was reported by TMZ, the judge reportedly has it out for Mill, as even the D.A. has claimed the rapper is deserving of a retrial, considering what went down during his first one.

When Meek Mill was released from prison for his drug and weapon conviction, Judge Brinkley refused to step down from the case, even though the Supreme Court have requested that she do so. She continues to provide difficulties to Meek Mill through his legal troubles. Meek Mill's team believes she made up her mind on the situation, and that she refuses to have an open mind.

The main witness in Meek Mill's original 2008 trial, Reginald Graham, is involved in a Philadelphia police corruption scandal, and it's believed that his testimony is not credible. Therefore, Meek Mill has been involved in trying to secure justice to his name, and Judge Genece Brinkley is holding that process, seemingly based on her own beliefs regarding Meek Mill's conviction. It is believed that Judge Brinkley is not being impartial about the case, and Meek Mill's lawyers believe she is acting more like "a prosecutor, not a judge." Additionally, Meek's team is accusing Judge Brinkley of laughing at one of their key witnesses, which further cements the claims made by Meek Mill's team that they're not being given a fair shake right now.

Clearly, these two sides are at odds with each other, and it's unclear if the issues between Meek Mill and Judge Genece Brinkley are going to be resolved in any timely fashion. Now that the Supreme Court is involved, things are only going to get more fraught from here. We'll be sure to keep you posted on all the latest developments with Meek Mill's case, however, right here at CinemaBlend.