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Earlier this summer, the fashion industry was devasted to discover that designer and business entrepreneur Kate Spade had passed away at the age of 55 in her New York City apartment. The cause of death was deemed to be an apparent suicide. Spade's influence on the industry is undeniable in its scope and impact, and it's incredibly sad to know that Spade met her end in such a tragic manner. But as friends and fans share their favorite memories with the late fashion creator on social media, the company that lends its name to the befallen icon has noticed a spike in sales and profit to the brand, even though Kate Spade has not been involved with the company in any creative capacity in over a decade.

While Kate Spade wasn't involved with the company that shares her name for many years, she remains the face (and name) of Kate Spade New York, and many nostalgic buyers and fashion appreciators find themselves profiting the company she once helped create in light of the fashion icon's death. As it was reported by Business Insider, the company that owns Kate Spade, Tapestry, has seen shares go up as high as 12%. Plus the handbag and accessories company is reporting strong fourth-quarter earnings, notably in the United States, as company earnings have exceeded the expectations of analysts. Nostalgia has reportedly factored into the buying spree, seemingly proving that, although she exited the company, Kate Spade continues to be remembered through her namesake brand.

When Kate Spade passed away earlier this year, Kate Spade New York released the following statement on its social media, commemorating, and paying tribute to, the woman who made the company the long-standing fashion staple it is today. Here's what the company wrote in remembrance of Spade:

Kate Spade, the visionary founder of our brand, has passed. Our thoughts are with her family at this incredibly heartbreaking time. We honor all the beauty she brought into the world.

At the time, Kate Spade New York also mentioned to several news outlets that neither Kate Spade (who went by Kate Valentine at the time of death) nor her husband, Andy Spade, were involved with the company any longer, having sold the business. Although they have not been involved, some insiders believe that this renewed interest in the company won't be short-lived, with parent company Tapestry reportedly slowing down the discounting of Kate Spade products as confidence in the brand grows.

The details surrounding Kate Spade's death only make the news sadder, and it remains (and will remain) a grave loss for the fashion industry at large. We continue to express our condolences to the friends and family of Kate Spade. If you or someone you know has thoughts about suicide, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK, which is available 24/7 across the United States.

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