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Matthew Perry is in the hospital, and he has apparently been in the hospital for a good while. That's what the Friends actor announced on his Twitter page a few days ago, which has caused a number of the sitcom's fans to grow very concerned about the condition of the television performer. Here's what Perry wrote on Twitter, announcing his third month in the hospital and, perhaps for some fans, letting them know for the first time that he has been in there for so long. Details about Matthew Perry's condition are scattered at the moment, from where we're standing, but here's what we know.

As for what's ailing Matthew Perry, he's reportedly dealing with a surgery he had to repair a gastrointestinal perforation, according to Deadline. To be more exact, Perry appears to be dealing with a ruptured bowel, which could lead to serious infection and complications if not treated. It's not immediately clear why Perry would need to stay in the hospital for so long due to this surgery. It's unclear if there were complications with the operation, or if there are other medical concerns which have been raised at this time. But, it's apparent that Matthew Perry has seen better days in his 49 years.

Online, several fans of Friends and the actor's work on that show (and elsewhere) have voiced their concern and support for the television personality during this difficult time. Particularly as it has been left unclear how serious Matthew Perry's condition is right now, they have expressed their sympathies and wished him well during this rough time in his life. Beyond the outpouring of support from fans found all over the world, there have been no addresses made by the cast members of the '90s sitcom, who likely find themselves similarly confused and distressed about Perry's medical condition.

According to a statement released from a representative of Matthew Perry, the actor is "grateful for the concern" but he asks for "continued privacy" at this time, especially as he heals. Considering that he is healing, that's a bit encouraging, which fans will likely appreciate. However, without any additional information, it's hard to know just how concerned fans should be at this time. At the very least, though, he's grateful for the care and concern. It should be noted that the actor hasn't been shy about his years as an alcoholic and drug addict. Thankfully, he appears to be sober at this time.

Matthew Perry is best known for playing Chandler Bing on Friends, which ran for several seasons on NBC. Since then, he hasn't quite found the same success, either on the big screen or the small one. He has appeared in a few movies and some other television shows, perhaps most notably Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and The Odd Couple, but none of them have had the same cultural impact as Friends. Beyond his role of Chandler, Matthew Perry's biggest film role would likely be in The Whole Nine Yards, as well as its sequel, The Whole Ten Yards. Nevertheless, we wish him a safe and speedy recovery during this time.

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