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How Frankie Muniz's Cat Flooded His House

Frankie Muniz is going through a devastating time right now. The former Malcolm in the Middle actor recently returned home from his uncle's funeral, only to discover that his whole residence was completely flooded. As it turns out, his cat accidentally turned the sink on while he was away with family, and it resulted in the entire house being soaked under three feet of water. Now everything Muniz owns is buried underwater and destroyed. He made the heartbreaking confession on social media, letting all of his followers know about his recent cruel twist of fate:

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Frankie Muniz realizes the Twitter confession could seem too insane to possibly be true. But Muniz claims he is telling the absolute truth, despite the unusual manner through which his house was flooded. Through a true accident, and Muniz's travel plans to be with his family after the death of his uncle, he has found his whole house in three feet of water and all his property has been sunk.

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While cats are usually a comfort for their owners, this time around, Frankie Muniz's feline was the source of major destruction, and he is heartbroken. It is a sad revelation, and it is only the latest tragedy to befall the former child actor.

In addition to these troubles, Frankie Muniz recently admitted that he doesn't remember a lot from his earlier years, including a good amount of his time playing the title character of Fox's long-running family sitcom Malcolm in the Middle, due to a series of concussions and ministrokes he's experienced throughout his life. It's apparent that Muniz has dealt with many difficulties in his life, and it's terrible to realize that his life is made sadder and more devastating by this recent discovery after grieving with his family.

Recently, Frankie Muniz appeared on Dancing with the Stars for its 25th season. He made it to the finale, but ultimately ended up in third place. Since then, the actor and Jordan Fisher have continued to work on the Dancing with the Stars set by appearing in the new kid-based series, Dancing with the Stars: Juniors, which premiered earlier this year.

Frankie Muniz also keeps himself busy as an actor. He recently appeared in AMC's Preacher, and he will soon be seen in the horror thriller The Black Sting, and heard in the animated film The Legend of the Secret Pass. Both films are expected to be released sometime next year. There's no word yet on how Muniz will try to move on past this recent devastating turn of events.

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