Prince William Couldn't Land Any Celebs For His Charity

Prince William Cosmopolitan Interview

Prince William is having trouble at the moment. According to recent reports, his charity Heads Together, a mental health initiative, is having trouble getting support from celebrities. Though he approached a number of high-profile people to take part in his effort, he hasn't found much success in getting many celebrities to take part in his efforts. Reportedly, none of the celebrity people who were asked want to be associated with mental illness.

The BBC claims that Prince William has tried to get celebrity involvement in Heads Together for the past three years, and in that time, the Duke of Cambridge has surprisingly found no luck. As Prince William told the Davos World Economic Forum, it has been a burdensome uphill battle to get celebrity sponsorship, despite his own high profile and notoriety. He believes the wartime generation might've produced a stigma when it comes to mental illness, and that no celebrities are stepping forward and joining his initiative through this charity effort. So, Prince William is currently at a lost.

It's a troubling and concerning development for the Duke of Cambridge. As he admits, some folks prefer not to discuss or talk about such "horrendous" notions, and that attitude of not discussing it carried over into the next generation. Alas, not many celebrities are stepping forward to offer their support and name recognition to the cause, and Prince William believes that makes the work he is doing for the organization more important.

This cause is reportedly a personal one for Prince William. He has reportedly been frank to his business leaders about his own struggles with mental illness, with one incident from his past being so traumatic he didn't think he would ever "get over it." Had he not opened up and revealed this situation to others, he allegedly believes he would continue to struggle and that it would impact his life enormously. And William wants to help other people with the same struggles.

Sadly, it seemingly remains an uphill battle for Prince William. He continues to struggle when it comes to support and sponsorship, and it doesn't sound like anyone is flinching in their negative stance on the position. But considering that one in four people reportedly have struggled with a form of mental illness at some point in their lives, it is undeniably a universal problem, and Prince William hopes that people will warm up to his cause.

It sounds like Prince William isn't quite ready to give up on the cause yet, though it's discouraging to hear that he is being met with overwhelming negativity when it comes to his ambitions. We'll keep you posted if he's able to find some support in his ongoing efforts. For the latest news in film, television, video games, pop culture and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with CinemaBlend for the newest updates.

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