With nearly 50 years of acting experience, it's safe to call Susan Lucci a professional. The former All My Children actress has been working steadily since the early '70s, at least, and she knows how to handle herself in front of the cameras. Sure enough, that experience came to her advantage during an awkward slip-up on the runway, when she found herself flat on her bum in front of several watching eyes. But Lucci made the spill into a sensation. There's no denying that she handled the whole situation like a pro. You can watch the footage, via cell phone captured-video, through the link below.

The runway fall was captured on Twitter, where it's obvious that the audience is deeply concerned for Susan Lucci's safety and well-being when she loses her balance, stumbles on her feet and ultimately falls onto the ground in spectacular fashion. But when she makes it clear that she's perfectly okay and (hopefully) not hurt or injured from the high-fashion crash through a winning smile and an "ah shucks" gesture, the attentive crowd loudly voices their support. There was obviously a lot of love in that room directed towards Lucci's way, and she was affectionate of everyone -- even despite the slip-up.

Everyone has tripped before, particularly at unfortunate moments. Thankfully, even though this fall was a little more public than most, Susan Lucci handled it beautifully, and she was rewarded with loud cheers from the crowd. When you are a professional like Lucci, you know how to handle yourself. That's completely clear during this clip. Not everyone can pick themselves up so gracefully, but Susan Lucci isn't just anyone. She's a star.

Appropriately enough, shortly after Susan Lucci picked up herself, waved to the crowd and made her way back-stage, she received a standing ovation from the audience. They were recognizing her veteran status in the world of entertainment and celebrating how expertly she handled her runway tumble. Even professional models don't keep themselves as composed as Lucci did during this moment in front of the cameras, but she handled it exceptionally well. And with good humor too. If you are able to laugh at yourself during an awkward moment like that one, you can often do wonders.

Meanwhile, Susan Lucci still keeps herself busy through different projects on the big and small screen. A few years ago, she concluded her run on the Lifetime series Devious Maids. She was also featured in a supporting part in David O. Russell's Joy. Most recently, she played a role in Difficult People.

We hope the next time we write about Susan Lucci, the situation won't be quite as embarrassing. But if something like this happens again, there is a good chance that Lucci will handle it expertly, and she will make it as natural as possible in the process. That's what pros do. Meanwhile, for the latest news in film, television, pop culture, video games and a whole lot more, you can always be sure to check back with us right here at CinemaBlend.

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