P!nk Fires Back At Haters Over Nude Photo Of Young Son

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This weekend, P!nk posted a picture of her two-year-old son, Jameson Moon, without his swimsuit diaper near the pool. Shortly thereafter, the comment section went berserk, criticizing the singer-songwriter for posting a photo that was considered indecent and inappropriate for the world to see. It didn't take long before P!nk turned red at such a notion. When she reposted the family photo, the musician went on a tear against her online critics, claiming that they are "fucking disgusting" and that there is "something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there."

Here's P!nk's fiery response to this weekend's controversial social media post.

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The disgruntled Instagram post finds P!nk deeply annoyed with the comment section of this social media platform. What P!nk believed to be innocent photo took an ugly turn when the comment section focused on one part in particular that was deemed unorthodox or inappropriate. As P!nk notes in the rewritten caption section of the photo, when the post above was resubmitted with her son's private parts censored out, she "didn't notice" that Jameson Moon's diaper had fallen off, and she claims she is now deeply unhappy about how the Internet perceived this photo.

Furthermore, P!nk also went against "the state of social media and keyboard warriors" and the negative thoughts they bring to others. The music artist believes that there is "something wrong" with a number of people who felt the need to comment on this photo. She wasn't afraid to turn the criticisms back towards them.

It's never easy to be a mother, especially when you're a famous celebrity in Hollywood. The constant pressures that come from the spotlight being directed your way can be astronomical and very intense, and it can be hard to post a picture of yourself with your family without it being criticized by all walks of life thanks to social media. While she did censor the photo the second time she posted it, P!nk also made it clear that she didn't care for the comments she received when she put this photo on the web. She has received some criticisms for other family photos in the past, and it's evident that P!nk has built up aggression from various instances of people making snide remarks about what she posts on her Instagram account.

It's unclear if P!nk plans to turn off the comment sections of all her future Instagram posts or if she's only shutting down the comments for this post based on the contemptuous response it received the first time around, before P!nk opted to chew them out. Clearly, P!nk doesn't want to deal with the noise right now. And if people have something they want to say to the artist, P!nk does not want to hear it.

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