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Popular rapper 50 Cent was in court today to deal with the fallout related to a confrontation with his baby mama. Alongside his lawyer, he pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charges, but even so, the judge hit him with some restrictions to follow before he returns to court. Luckily, provided he wasn’t planning on trying out for Top Shot or reconnecting with Daphne Joy, the model/ baby mama who he allegedly kicked, he shouldn’t have a big problem.

According to TMZ, 50’s next legal appearance won’t be until September. Until then, he has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from Daphne Joy at all times. In addition, he must turn in any and all firearms he owns to the court for the duration of the legal proceedings. If he gets off, assumedly, he’ll be able to get those bad boys back, but for the time being, he cannot legally pack heat. For a man who employs bodyguards and has the resources to live in a safe neighborhood, that shouldn’t be a problem, but considering the rapper has been shot before, it’s unlikely that ruling will sit very well with him.

On his way out of the court, 50 was approached by an unidentified man who called out his name and then promptly stuck a stack of papers on his windshield. In the time since, it’s come out that the documents the process server hit him with were related to the same Daphne Joy incident he was in court about, but whether they were for a possible civil trial or what is unclear at this point. Regardless, one wouldn’t imagine 50 was particularly pleased by the development.

The incident in question traces its way all the way back to an argument the parents had inside her condo. He allegedly fathered her child, and the two were discussing something when he allegedly went berserk. By the time all was said and done, her chandelier, some of her furniture, her television and a lamp were all allegedly destroyed, and she reportedly suffered a minor injury from being kicked. The police were promptly called to the scene, and all involved have been dealing with the fallout ever since.

50 Cent hasn’t been immune to negative press over the years, but for a high profile artist in the rap game, he’s kept his nose pretty clean. Obviously, this domestic violence charge is pretty troubling, but until the full facts of the case come out in court, it’s impossible to know exactly what happened. Until then, here’s to hoping all involved can find the most amicable solution possible in order for the two to be healthy co-parents and work together.

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