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Just seven months after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, rumors are swirling that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. The reality star/ singer/ actress hasn’t commented publically on the supposed news, but those closest to her are supposedly confirming she is with child.

According to US Weekly, having a second baby so quickly after the first wasn’t a well thought out plan for Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson, but given how much she’s enjoyed motherhood thus far, she’ll no doubt embrace adding a second rugrat to the fold. The bigger question is actually how this might affect her contract with Weight Watchers. The starlet has trimmed the pounds at an impressive rate since her delivery in order to fulfill her contract. If she is pregnant, she’ll be able to trim down again next year, but obviously, any further weight loss right now would be out of the question.

Until Simpson either confirms or disconfirms the whispers, this pregnancy should be taken as a rumor. That being said, US Weekly has gotten plenty of scoops about the former pop star right in the past, and you wouldn’t think they’d roll with a cover story they weren’t extremely confident about.

Jessica’s publicist issued an official "no comment" this morning. If that hands off stance changes, we’ll make sure to update you as soon as possible.