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Actress Jaime King And Director Kyle Newman Welcome Baby Boy

Hart of Dixie actress Jaime King and her husband, director Kyle Newman, initially announced they were pregnant back in May. At the time, we didn’t know how far along the 34-year-old actress was and we didn’t know the gender of the baby. Luckily, today’s news answers both of those questions, and more.

Monday morning, both King and Newman took to social media to announce they are the proud parents of a little boy. We don’t know the height or weight of the little tyke, but thanks to Newman, we do know the proud parents opted to give the kid a fairly conventional name, all things considered. According to Daddy, the little tyke will be called James Knight Newman.

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Earlier this morning, King and Newman also posted one of the world’s cutest pictures of little J.K. Newman (Man, I hope they are into Harry Potter). We don’t get to see his face, but it’s a cutie, nonetheless.

King and Jamie already have a pretty big family, although not in the traditional sense. The two were wed all the way back in 2007 and have become avid dog lovers in the time since. In fact, when King and Newman announced they were having a child, they did so via the world’s cutest picture of themselves and their two cute pets. Having a baby is a whole different adventure, but the two seem up to the challenge.

Pop Blend would like to congratulate the happy couple and wish them the very best during their first few weeks as parents. In the meantime, I can’t wait to see how Hart of Dixie plays off King’s pregnancy. The new season premieres tonight, which means there had to have been at least a few episodes that were shot while King was still pregnant. Although King was a pretty cute mom-to-be, she was spotted with a pretty large bump over the past couple of months. I foresee lots of empire waist costumes in Lemon Breeland’s future.

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