Popular Christian country singer Coffey Anderson is used to whipping crowds into a frenzy with his beautiful voice and heartfelt songs, but apparently, he’s not even the bigger star in his own family. During a recent concert in front of a few thousand people, his seventeen-month-old son ran out on stage and started dancing up a storm. Based on crowd reaction, it quickly became clear who the people were actually watching.

Anderson uploaded the video to YouTube just after the New Year’s, and it has already generated almost five hundred thousand views. Go ahead and take a look at the adorable footage for yourself below…

It’s pretty impressive how well Coffey maintains his composure here. Lesser performers might have gotten distracted or freaked out, but he powers forward, even as his son Ethan grabs onto his leg and explores every inch of the stage. At one point, he even makes time to interact with the kid when he has a few seconds to be away from the microphone. It’s also a testament to mom’s parenting that she lets the boy dance for one song and then makes him sit down. At under three minutes, this goofiness is extremely cute, but if it had gone on for too long, it would have actually been distracting to the audience.

Here’s to hoping So You Think You Can Dance is still on the air seventeen years from now so this kid can once again prove what a star he is.

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