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A little less than a year ago, Sweet Brown appeared on the local news following a fire at her apartment complex. She told the interviewer she probably contracted bronchitis from breathing in all the smoke, which is annoying since no one has time to deal with that. Her hilarious speech quickly raced around the Internet and turned her into an Internet celebrity. A few months later, she parlayed that fame into a commercial for 18002SellHomes, and now, she’s back with an all new effort for a local dentist.

You can go ahead and take a look at Sweet Brown’s original interview in the first video and then watch her milk the hilarious catchphrase for all it's worth in the new local television commercial in the second video…


Shortline Dental

This was actually a great idea. Not only did Brown make a Sweet (pun intended) paycheck for one day of work, Shrotline Dental’s commercial has already been viewed more than five hundred thousand times since it was published just two days ago. That, coupled with the local traffic, will likely bring people in the door and more than make up for however much they lost in the short-term by hiring an Internet celebrity.

Here's to hoping they do have time for all their new patients.