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Many fans who headed out to Radio City Music Hall to see Jack White last night are still furious about the effort the former White Stripes frontman put in. After ripping through twelve songs in forty-five minutes, the musician abruptly walked off stage. An overwhelming majority of confused crowd members stayed in place for more than twenty minutes, singing “Seven Nation Army” and waiting for White to reemerge. Unfortunately, the grand finale never happened. Fans didn’t even get an encore; so, they responded like a typical furious mob.

According to The Observer, hundreds chanted “Fuck Jack White” and took to the streets to bang on parked cars. They shouted at ushers and even heckled a pizza man who showed up to delivery pies backstage. Several Music Hall employees reportedly expressed solidarity with angry members of the crowd, but obviously, venue workers haven’t spoken publically about whether White did anything wrong by cutting the gig off so quickly.

In the twenty-four hours or so since the incident first happened, wild rumors have begun springing up to explain what happened. They range from an argument White got into with a fan in the front row to anger over how high ticket scalping prices had escalated to. Whatever the reason, his leaving wasn’t the best decision for fan morale ever.

Here’s to hoping the next time White takes the stage everyone will leave happy, or at least happy enough not to bang on cars.

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