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From flashing her nipple to superimposing a swastika on Marine Le Pen’s forehead, Madonna’s latest tour has generated a lot of scandalous headlines. In an attempt to foster some good vibes, the Material Girl decided to offer members of her fanclub the chance to see her perform in a more intimate setting. It should have been a cake walk to please the few thousand who showed up last night, many of whom slept outside to get good seats. Unfortunately, it wound up being a public relations mess.

According to MTV, Madonna only stayed on stage for roughly forty-five minutes, and a portion of that time was used up by long-winded commentaries on tolerance. It apparently took fans a few minutes to realize the concert was over when she walked off stage, but once word got out, many angry concertgoers chanted refund and hurled insults at the pop star.

Making matters worse, the concert was streamed live on YouTube, but the comment section was getting so heinous it had to be turned off. The Twitter hashtag #MDNAParis was supposed to be used for glowing praise, but it too got real ugly in a hurry after Madonna walked off stage.

It’s unclear why Madonna thought only playing for forty-five minutes would go over well with the crowd or whether her early exodus was even planned. Given her willingness to talk openly, we should know within a few days.

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