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Anna Nicole Smith may have passed just a few short months after her daughter was born, but that doesn’t mean little Dannielynn Birkhead doesn’t take after her mother in certain ways. The troubled beauty became the face of Guess Jeans back in 1992, and now, her daughter has earned the same distinction for Guess Kids’ 2013 spring campaign.

The entire collection hasn’t yet been released, but some sample photographs have been taken. The Daily Mail was able to get their hands on a few, and I’ve got to say Dannielynn actually does look like a model, or at least as much like a model as any six year old can. Take a look at one of the shots below…

Photo Credit: Guess

Some observers have expressed frustration over the family’s decision to let Dannielynn model, but her father Larry Birkhead doesn’t seem to share any of those concerns. He gushed when talking about his daughter’s “natural” talent during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, which likely means he will let her continue modeling for the foreseeable future.

I get the concern with inviting the six-year-old to walk down the same path that got her mother in trouble, and I get wanting her to just relax and be a kid. That being said, however, we all knew this kid would wind up trying her hand in the spotlight at some point or another. So, here’s to hoping her father is very smart about the situations he chooses for her and tries to find a balance.