Apprentice: Omarosa Is Suing La Toya Jackson For Saying She Probably Killed Fiance

Longtime Apprentice villain Omarosa Manigault has never been known for her willingness to turn the other cheek. In fact, the reality television star frequently meets conflict head-on, whether that approach is needed or not. Thus, it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that she hasn’t exactly taken La Toya Jackson’s comments about her very well from last night’s episode of All-Stars Celebrity Apprentice.

Celebrity Apprentice Spoiler Alert Follows…

After Jackson was given the heave-ho by Trump, the normally good-natured famous little sister went on a pretty epic rant, calling Omarosa “conniving”, “scheming”, “cut-throat” and accusing her of “probably pull(ing) the cord on Michael Duncan Clarke.” Now, in response to those comments, Omarosa has reportedly decided to file a lawsuit for defamation.

Here’s a portion of a statement her attorney gave to Radar Online

“La Toya Jackson’s statement on the March 17, 2013 episode of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, that the Reverend Omarosa Manigault caused her fiancé Michael Clarke Duncan to die, is false, vicious and defamatory.”

It’s understandable that Omarosa would be less than pleased by La Toya’s comments, but unfortunately for her, she is “conniving”, “scheming” and “cut-throat”. As for the latter part of the statement, the whole “probably” element of the statement makes it pretty clear that she was stating an opinion, not an actual fact. It’s not as if she’s going to lose business opportunities because Jackson, of all people, inferred she may have had something to do with her deceased fiance’s death.

Michael Clarke Duncan was a beloved man who exuded strength and character. Omarosa is likely trying to stand up for his memory by filing this lawsuit, but what she seems unable to grasp is that he would likely rather her spend her time and energy in places far more rewarding than inside a courtroom. Besides, it’s highly debatable whether or not she can win anyway.

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