If there was any question as to how much admiration and respect most people had for Steve Jobs, that grey area was cleared up in the days following the Apple pioneer’s tragic death. An outpouring of support flooded in from friends, business executives and celebrities who saw how one man’s leadership style lead to iTunes, the iPhone, Pixar and numerous other beloved products.

As often happens in the months and years following a big loss, a biopic is now in the works to depict the deceased’s life. It comes from Joshua Michael Stern, but that’s not what’s gotten everyone’s attention. The outpouring of both positive and negative opinions has centered around the lead actor: Ashton Kutcher. As the star of That 70s Show, he brought us our share of laughs, but many are concerned whether Charlie Sheen’s replacement on Two And A Half Men has the acting chops to give the computer whiz the depiction he no doubt deserves.

It’s a fair critique, but the answer isn’t necessarily no. Kutcher did some solid work in the underrated Butterfly Effect, and he does have a mesmerizing charisma that makes him watchable. That same general confidence was obvious in Steve Jobs during his many lectures, and by most accounts, it was there in the day-to-day managing of his business too. This casting certainly isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard, but that doesn’t mean I’m sold either.

What do you think? Will Ashton Kutcher give Steve Jobs the depiction he deserves? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Is Ashton Good Enough To Play Steve Jobs?

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