Will Baseball Ever Be Popular Again?

On Friday night, I walked into one of sports books on the Las Vegas Strip to watch the Washington Nationals and St. Louis Cardinals playoff game. There were only ten people in the entire place. This morning, I walked into the very same sports book, and there were at least three hundred people watching regular season football games.

Baseball might have been America’s game at one point in time, but best case scenario, it’s the second most popular sport in the United States today. The 2012 playoffs offer a host of great storylines. The highest paid player in the game has been pinch hit for and benched on a few occasions. Last year’s champions could potentially repeat after losing both their manager and their best player. People should be all over this madness, but compared with regular season football, the interest level is a drop in the bucket.

I’m not sure baseball will ever be more popular than football again, but I’d really like it if it got back to the point where most people had at least a passing interest. I’d really like it if people under twenty-five discovered how interesting baseball can be, even if it’s a bit of a slow game. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the momentum will ever move in the right direction.

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Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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