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The Beach Boys have been busy during the past six months, releasing the original Smile recordings and even heading out on a 50th Anniversary tour, kicking off today. Now, the band has gone out of its way to create some new content for fans of every age.

The Beach Boys’ brand new upcoming album is currently untitled, although the single “That’s Why God Made The Radio” was initially considered before being deemed too long. Despite setbacks in the title, the album is still headed for a solid June 5 debut and band member Bruce Johnston says there is something in the album for each and every fan.

The singer and songwriter recently spoke to Billboard about how the new album reminds him of the band’s 1970s album, Sunflowers due to the studio's relative interest in the project.
“This album has elements, kind of, of everything. And we don't have EMI, Capitol, acting like they did when I joined the band just so paranoid – 'We gotta have hits! We gotta have hits! Come on, is that a hit?' just coming to the sessions and torturing you. It wasn't like that this time. They've listened to the stuff and go, 'Wow, that's pretty nice.'"

It’s a good thing the Beach Boys are already on tour, because Johnston is sticking to the fact the reunion will not be a permanent thing. If you want to catch the new tracks, the current tour is looking like your best bet. Still, new songs and a new tour are not bad for a 50-year anniversary.