When Is The Best Time To Take Down The Christmas Tree?

Earlier this month, my wife and I bought a Christmas tree for the first time. We put ornaments and lights on it and looked at it a lot. It worked out pretty well. Now, however, it’s causing a bit of disagreement between the two of us because we’re not quite sure when we should take it down.

There are people who leave their tree up until February. I, of course, do not approve of that at all. You can’t just leave decorations up for months at a time or you look like a slob. Then again, there are other people who take their tree down before New Years Day even rolls around. I can’t get behind this method either. Two weeks isn’t a long enough time to warrant the effort. Plus, New Year’s Eve still feels like part of the Christmas season.

Consequently, the perfect time to pull up the Christmas tree has to take place during one of the four weeks in January. The question is which one. We can’t figure out when the hell to do it; so, I’m putting the question to Pop Blend’s readers. Think about what you usually do and answer accordingly.

When is the best time to take down the Christmas tree/ Christmas decorations? Is it early in the month or late? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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