Rumors about what Beyonce Knowles may or may not perform at the Super Bowl have been making the rounds all week. The pop star herself has been mostly mum about the whispers, but she did take to her Instagram account today to publish several photographs from the ongoing rehearsals.

You can check out two of the photographs in question below…

Neither of these pictures tell us anything about what we might be in store for next weekend, apart from an elaborate spectacle, but they do serve as nice teasers for all the Beyonce fans out there convinced she’s going to knock it out of the park.

An overwhelming majority of Super Bowl Halftime shows wind up being massive disappointments. There’s something about the pressure and the format and the acoustics of a gigantic stadium that don’t lend themselves to high marks for performers, but maybe this will be one of the few years we are all pleasantly surprised.

Here’s to hoping Beyonce reminds all of us why she’s one of the greatest pop stars of the past few decades with a dynamite performance worthy of all the preparation.

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