Hennes & Mauritz, commonly known as H&M, is getting its money’s worth when it comes to using Beyoncé to advertise. This is the third time I’ve written up on the company’s excellent campaign (here are times one and two), which features the seductive songstress in a variety of this summer’s hottest bikinis, including a little fringe number that should be hitting stores, soon.

It’s the cute little fringe number that the 31-year-old singer sports at the beginning of the brand new advertisement for H&M’s summer collection. Additionally, the singer wrote a brand new song for the endeavor, titled “Standing on the Sun.” In case you are wondering, she’s actually standing on a beach and she is getting sand literally everywhere. It’s a good thing the company paid her a lot for this nonsense, since there’s nothing more uncomfortable than sand on your face and hugged up against your nunga-nungas.

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has written a song for an advertising campaign. It’s not even the first time she’s done it this year. The pop singer put together the track “Mirrors” for a recent Pepsi campaign, and while that video was a whole lot cooler than this one, the “Standing on the Sun” video certainly showcases the singer’s assets. You can catch the singer, in the flesh, during the Mrs. Carter Show tour this summer.

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