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Bobby Brown Is Getting Married In Honolulu

Weddings aren’t typically planned alongside work-related trips, but then again, Bobby Brown has never been one to behave like everyone else. His group New Edition recently scheduled a concert in Honolulu for the middle of next month, and the singer is apparently going to use that opportunity to wed his fiancée in paradise.

The specifics aren’t really known, either because they’re being kept hush-hush or because they haven’t been planned, but according to TMZ, Brown and his soon-to-be wife Alica Etheridge have decided to offer plane tickets for close friends and family members to make sure everyone is together on the big day. As an added bonus, since New Edition will be performing that weekend, all his bandmates will conveniently be there as well.

The where and when of the ceremony may have been decided a bit impulsively, as far as weddings go, but the decision to marry each other has been a longtime coming. Brown actually proposed to his fiancé two years ago this month, which might not rival Jason Segel and Emily Blunt but is still well within the normal window.

With all the craziness surrounding his ex-wife Whitney Houston’s death, it’s understandable Bobby would want to officially move on with his life. That first marriage lasted around fifteen years. Here’s to hoping this one proves to be the final for each.

Pop Blend sends out its early congratulations to the happy couple.

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