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Earlier this week, a troubling allegation centering around Cee Lo Green emerged. An unidentified woman he allegedly took on a date told police officers the singer and Voice judge snuck an ecstasy pill into her drink and then had sex with her while she was blacked out. The musician has since publically denied sexually assaulting her, but there are rumors that authorities taped a phone conversation in which he apologized to her for his behavior.

No portion of the alleged recording has been made public, and police officers are refusing to comment on whether or not it even exists. Consequently, producers of The Voice are stuck in some kind of strange limbo. If the allegations ultimately prove true, Cee Lo’s tenure on the show won’t exactly be the most wholesome publicity of all-time. If the allegations prove untrue, however, Cee Lo is the real victim.

You’d like to think producers would let this play out. You’d like to think they’d wait for the justice system to prove the singer’s guilt or innocence. Cee Lo has already announced he’s taking a season off to work on some side projects when this run is over, but given network executives are often pathologically afraid of causing real controversy, it wouldn’t be a shock if he didn’t finish out the season.

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Will Cee Lo Finish The Season?

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