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World Star HipHop and Media Takeout may have taken down Chad Johnson’s sextape after the former NFL star hit the two websites with cease-and-desist letters, but apparently, their compliance with his request wasn’t enough to satisfy his anger. He’s reportedly decided to move forward with lawsuits against both, arguing they exploited him and did damage to his reputation by putting up the footage before talking to him.

According to TMZ, Johnson’s attorneys haven’t specified how much money they think the wide receiver is owed for the footage, but they have been very up front about what else they want: an order barring the site from ever posting the clip again. Something tells me the latter request won’t be very difficult to obtain at all, but it remains to be seen whether a judge will be as sympathetic when it comes to the supposed damages.

It’s unclear how exactly either of the websites got copies of the sex tape, but Johnson has long maintained that it was stolen from his possession. Now and again, celebrities use the footage in cases like this as a way to generate revenue, but nothing about Johnson’s behavior indicates he has any interest in coming to a deal in order to keep the tape online.

It’ll be weeks or even months before this cases begins properly winding its way through the legal system, but when it does get going, we will let you know what’s happening.