As Chubbs Peterson from Happy Gilmore can attest to, alligators are a problem in certain golf courses in the Southern part of the United States. Ordinarily, officials at the PGA Tour do a pretty good job of making sure the wildlife doesn’t interrupt play, but at this past weekend’s Zurich Classic, they didn’t have such luck.

As you can see in the above video, a three-legged alligator made its way out of the water and onto the course, scaring the living hell out of many of the players. Proper-looking officials in golf carts pretended like they had the situation under control, but not even those crazies from Swamp People are fearful of a hungry alligator on the prowl. Luckily, no one involved was hurt or injured in any way this time, and the humorous footage has been making its way around the Internet since the PGA Tour uploaded it last week.

Golf normally has a pretty light-hearted energy about it, but in recent days, the tone has gotten a little more serious thanks to Greg Norman’s comments about golf’s lack of true drug policies. His concerns definitely need to be addressed, but in the meantime, it’s nice to have another goofy story to smile about.

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