Claire Danes And Hugh Dancy Give Newborn Son A Normal Name

Many celebrities might be fond of giving their children wild names no one has ever heard before, but luckily, not everyone operates under the theory that more original is always better. In fact, married actors Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes seem to think the exact opposite. The Homeland star gave birth to the couple’s first child over the weekend, and they elected to go with a familiar, yet off the beaten path handle.

According to People, the little guy’s name is Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy. I’m not quite sure why he’s rocking two middle names, but given how professional and upperclass British the whole thing sounds, it’s hard to argue with their final decision.

With plenty of time off for the Christmas holiday, both Hugh and Claire are reportedly pumped about “getting to know” the new Dancy. Assumedly, the little guy will probably cry more than they’d like, but beyond that, hopefully he’ll have a personality that meshes well with his doting mother and father.

At thirty-three (Danes) and thirty-seven (Dancy), the proud new parents are right in the Hollywood age wheelhouse for starting a family. They’ve each made their marks professionally, and now it’s time to find fulfillment elsewhere. Here’s to hoping, with love and patience, they give the little guy the comfortable and happy upbringing he no doubt deserves.

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