It's no secret that I'm a cat person. Except during cuddle time, they're pretty hands-off and typically and find ways to play on their own with everything from paper to their actual toys. However, when I see a dog that is learning from a cat's independent ways, it makes me reconsider getting a puppy .

In this adorable YouTube video, a smart doggie named Sid Russel decides to play fetch all by itself. The tiny pooch gently lets a tennis ball bounce down a set of concrete steps and dashes down the end to wait to catch it. Sid then bounds his little legs back up the steps and starts rolling it down once more only to chase it again. By the end of the video, it looked like there was going to be a third round of self started fetch.

What's so great about the clip is that it looks like Sid figured out how to do this all on his own. It must make for a pretty nice day at the park for his owners who can just take it easy and watch his cute game. I wonder if he has come up with any other ways to play alone back home or if this was just an isolated incident of fun. Check out this other angle of Sid's play time.

If someone can get me a dog like this, I would gladly take one in. They also must be able to use a litter box or know how to shovel up their own poo outside. Oh and no drool because that's gross. Okay maybe Sid didn't reform my kitty loving ways, but I still love this adorable little guy and hope he has a lot more fun days in the park with his owners. Check out this amazing video below from YouTube if you can't get enough of smart pups. The clip shows a very clever dog named Jumpy who knows an amazing amount of awesome tricks.

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