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More details are starting to emerge surrounding Clint Eastwood’s wife Dina and her decision to enter rehab, and if true, they paint the picture of a marriage slowly spiraling out of control. Apparently, Clint and Dina have been having serious marital problems for months. Recently, things have reportedly gotten so bad, the big ugly “d” word has been thrown around. All the stress related to that and a desire to slow things down is apparently what caused the depression and anxiety that pushed her into rehab.

According to TMZ, Clint is confident he can still save the marriage. Unfortunately, since he was recently photographed out and about without his wedding ring, one would imagine he’s either hellbent on showing his frustration or not really that confident. Either way, he and his wife have been married since all the way back in 1996 and not only share a slew of memories but also a child together. Given all that, one would hope common ground will be found, but until Dina returns from rehab, there’s no way to know for sure whether this animosity will push its way into divorce court.

Clint has obviously lived an extremely crazy life. He’s had a lot of kids and been involved with a lot of women, but over the past decade plus, he’s really settled down with Dina and become a family man. At eighty-two, he may not have time to create another long-term domestic situation. So, here’s to hoping he and Dina are able to get on the same page again and rekindle their love. Pop Blend sends out its sincerest well-wishes in that quest.