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In the grand scheme of celebrities to screw with, Clint Eastwood would probably be at the bottom of the list for most people. Despite being eighty-two-years-old, the actor is a bit of a loose cannon capable of instilling fear in much younger men, but apparently, that grizzly reputation doesn’t bother the person behind the recent Los Angeles Swatting pranks because the Unforgiven star was the latest target.

According to TMZ, the incident in question occurred earlier this week. Authorities received a call from a relay service saying assailants with assault riffles had broken into Clint’s home and shots had been fired. Police rushed to the scene, but when they arrived, they found a quiet house absent guns, intruders or anything else out of place. Given all the recent problems, it wasn’t difficult for them to quickly discern the call was just the latest incident of Swatting.

Over the past few months, police have responded to a slew of frantic 911 calls that latter turned out to be hoaxes. One twelve-year-old boy was arrested for two of the run-ins, but apparently, he either has partners, copycats or people working independently. Either way, the hoaxes have cost the city many thousands of dollars at this point, and the leaders have already made catching whoever is behind the incidents one of the department’s biggest priorities.

For the perpetrator’s sake, I hope the police find him before Clint Eastwood does. We all know that man doesn’t like to be made a fool of.

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