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India and Pakistan might not be two countries who always see eye-to-eye, but that doesn’t mean their residents are all that much different. In fact, until about sixty years ago, they all lived together fairly harmoniously. In recent years, the chatter between the governments has gotten a bit louder and the tension has grown, but that doesn’t mean residents of the two countries aren’t still able or willing to work together, especially when free Coke is on the line.

To advertise their product and prove something about shared experiences, employees of Coca-Cola recently set up Small World Machines in India and Pakistan. The devices allowed residents from the two countries to draw together, wave together, dance together and ultimately, share a Coke together. Not surprisingly, the machines proved to be a huge hit. Executives from the Leo Burnett Agency taped the entire thing, and earlier this week, they uploaded the result onto YouTube. Almost a million hits later, it’s safe to say Coke has a hit on its hands.

Great commercials have the power to generate a lot of publicity. They have the power to get people talking, and as this clip proves, they even have the power to make people think about a larger issue.

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