In the chaotic aftermath of the tragic Boston Marathon bombing, a lot of false and distorted information leaked out, both on the Internet and through cable and network news stations. Some of it was taken very seriously at the time, and other flubs, well, they were obvious from the first moment-- like when a closed captioning service accidentally identified New Girl star Zooey Deschanel as the bombing suspect.

The company responsible for the mistake is called Caption Solutions. It’s based out of Kansas, and today, its president Kala J Patterson released a statement to The New York Post apologizing for the “error”. It’s still unclear exactly how the blunder happened, but one would imagine the service has automatic choices for certain names in order to speed up the process. Zooey’s choice was probably improperly selected while the typist was trying to type Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Everyone makes honest mistakes now and again. Closed captioning is an incredibly intense job, especially during a moment of national crisis. It’s not a profession in which perfection is expected, and in a way, it’s kind of unfair anyone would even have to apologize for an honest mistake. That being said, because of the nature of the crime and how many jokes have been made on the Internet since the blunder, the right PR move was definitely to apologize.

Here’s to hoping Zooey accepts the mea culpa and allows everyone to move on immediately.

You can take a look at the screengrab in question below…

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